Sneak Peak Astro Oracle Feb New Moon | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get)

Sneak Peak Astro Oracle Feb New Moon | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get).

Sneak Peak Astro Oracle Feb New Moon

Greetings Divine Beings!

New moon is this Sat at 6.59pm EST (Aus). So you’re energy levels may feel especially inward as we approach this moon phase, given the Sun is in the reclusive sign of Pisces. In fact you may feel as if you’re underwater – plumbing the depths of your psyche for answers in your dreamstate. (For more about the lessons of Pisces see below.) 

To convert the exact time of the Full Moon to your local time click below: 

World Clock Converter
The Lesson of Pisces 

This new moon is in Pisces, the sign that calls us deep within to become still like a pond so we can reflect upon our past & glean in-sight & in-tuition by attuning to the wisdom of our inner knowing.

It is often our emotions that pull us down to the depths, to feel all that is unresolved within us. Then, through the process of feeling and expressing we clear our energy field, making us a receptive channel for messages of crystal clear truth from our Higher Mind.

So don’t overcrowd your schedule this weekend. Gift yourself the time to go within in solitude and you will afford yourself to shift old stories from your past that anchor the swing between victim / martyr roles.

Oracles are particularly helpful during Piscean transits so consider setting a clear question or intent & pulling one divination card / rune / iChing toss as a focus for your meditation or Google your nearest local labyrinth to do as a walking meditation.

If oracle cards are not for you then find a body of water to sit by or even a water feature or CD with water sounds to give your energy field a sonic massage, to meditate upon as the elemental qualities to embody at this time & as a conduit for receiving messages from higher frequencies.


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