AQUARIUS | Zodiac | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get)

AQUARIUS | Zodiac | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get).



Period: January 20 to February 18
The lucky day: Wednesday
Lucky numbers: 4 and 8
Your ruling planet Uranus
Characteristic Element: Air

The characteristic metal under the sign of Aquarius is the lead, so it is advisable that these natives carry with them small amounts of this metal. Keyword Aquarius : revolution, altruism, friendship, freedom, brotherhood, knowledge, conflict, resistance, future, modernity, independence, originality, the universe, the cosmos, the invention, pace, speed, mode, sympathy, Utopia, ingenuity, space, extravagance

Special power: trust in people

The vibrant color for Aquarius is indigo, so it is advisable that the natives of Aquarius wear clothes, accessories or seek different objects of that color. At night, when they rest they should wear this color to recover lost energy during the day. Your motto in life I am becoming more and more clear and spontaneous in all areas and I give myself entirely to my needs interiors.

The main qualities : The natives of Aquarius have a great intellectual ability and excellent communication skills. Another advantage of this sign is given by his innate ability to understand and work with abstract concepts. The natives of Aquarius are always eager to publicize and promote all that is new. Defects : Unfortunately, the natives of Aquarius are stubborn and they have fixed ideas, letting navigate through a rebellious spirit. Another shortcoming of these natives would be cold and distant they show in a relationship attitude.

What is your purpose in life?

Understand the mysteries of life

Best environment:

Any gathering of people to exchange ideas.

Your charisma:

Beautiful appearance, beautiful eyes, an angular face, a slender waist.

Obsessions of Aquarius

The Aquarius is full of contradictions and paradoxes.

They are revolutionary with tyrannical tendencies, with very marked social needs. They are visionaries, they are both altruistic and selfish. Although they did not hesitate to say exactly what they think without worrying about the consequences, often doing the exact opposite of what they preach to others. With a vitality and a distinct personality, they will always surprise others with unexpected reactions.

What symbolizes Aquarius?

Aquarius or “one who pours water” is represented by a woman with a pot of water, a symbol of prosperity, abundance and reward. Aquarius is an air sign, which on the one hand suggests a lack of stability, but also an openness to new, to change. Generally Aquarius is an intellectual with an open mind, communicative, able to judge things coolly, concerned by the needs of humanity. On the other hand, the water flowing from the pot symbolizes an exchange of energy in the universe, but also the communication between people.

Aquarius is the most non-conformist of the zodiac. They are original and have a bohemian air. They like the independence, physical and mental freedom.
Sometimes the natives of Aquarius are true visionaries. They like special things, mysterious, they are attracted to the occult, astrology and all that is cutting edge technology, innovations etc..

Man Aquarius : The Aquarius man is easily recognizable in both his physical appearance and behavior. It is usually tall, handsome and anxious eyes, her features are beautiful. He is a being who is still living in a world of his own ideas and he does not care very little gestures of others. He loves music. Apparently, it is a quiet, kind, keeping a calm tone in the discussions. In general, it is less prone to collective fun, being more attracted by traveling.

Aquarius woman : The woman of Aquarius has a real charm. She is slim, with beautiful eyes and a melodious voice. It is systematically oriented towards the future, always in the forefront, with looks very fashionable clothes, hair, acting non-conformist way. She chose a career or profession that gives her a lot of independence, so she can organize her life as she wants. Nostalgia and reverie play an important role in the lives of women of Aquarius. She is an excellent wife and mother who knows how to organize his beautiful home and a special method for the education of her children she loves deeply. This system is based on freedom, understanding, kindness.

Traits that make you a true native of Aquarius

– You stubbornly support your views and you hardly accept the opinions of others 
– You’d be willing to have sex in the most unconventional places just to surprise your partner 
– Often you put career before family life 
– you know very well what is the difference between “having sex” and “making love” 
– You feel very well surrounded by people with a broad vision, as you

Aquarius and Friendship:

Phlegmatic and very pretty detached in appearance, the natives of Aquarius are good friends who are willing to make sacrifices to help others. They love to make people laugh and encourage them.They do not expect anything in return because it could put a damper on their freedom. They are very unconventional, spontaneous and like always enjoy the pleasures of life.

What the natives of Aquarius do they like?
– They love the modern lifestyle. 
– They like to think of the past. 
– They like to have many friends. 
– They like entertainment. 
– They love everything is beautiful. 
– They like to give advice. 
– They like to take risks.

What the natives of Aquarius do not they like?
– They do not like to be dominated. 
– They do not like routine. 
– They do not like to feel forced.

Decanates of Aquarius

The first Decan (Jan 20-Jan 30)

The native of this period has a strong artistic inclination that leads to the spiritual realm. Very patient, modest, shy and original, it will be non-violent in all circumstances. It’s pretty lonely.

The second Decan (January 31-February 9)

Artistic, energetic and very deep nature, it is sometimes very open and talkative. Good memory and ingenuity, it is very receptive to new. He is also proud, inspired, sometimes rude, but it also has a highly developed sense of humor.

The third Decan (Feb 10-Feb 18)

It has a very fertile imagination and love to travel. We find among these natives many geniuses. He is kind but also slanderer. Very confident in his own strength, he is both a good employee but a good boss.

Job and career

The natives of Aquarius does not have great career ambitions, but the profession can play an important role in their lives. They are very responsible, they enjoy working in a group. The best area of ​​activity for them is the art, everything that is related to cinema, radio, television, education, invention, sociology, psychology, social work and engineering. Very rarely they are interested in earning a lot of money. Earning money is not one of the objectives of natives of Aquarius, they rarely need luxury, they prefer simplicity.

The finances of Aquarius

The money is for you the necessary and sufficient conditions to feel satisfied. Like doing business, initiate projects and earn money. You do not like too much work, you prefer to enter business good opportunities and earn money easily. You want to live comfortably and you have all the necessary conditions for a decent life.

You do not overspending, you organize your income very well. You spend more for your family than self-interest.

You are a very generous person, you help your friends because you know they will help you turn when you need it.

Fears of your astrological sign

The natives of Aquarius are afraid of mediocrity, to be compared with each other and not be unique.Although they seem arrogant and sure of themselves, they are afraid of losing the respect of family, friends and colleagues.

Another acute fear they feel is the deprivation of liberty and independence. They live for that freedom.

The psychological profile of your sign

Your personality is complex and extremist. Independence is very important to you and if you feel you are forced, feel free to express your dissatisfaction. If you feel threatened, anger and rebellion are the primary mechanisms that you use to protect yourself. These negative emotions motivate you to take a defensive attitude, totally undisciplined.

The secret of the natives of Aquarius

You are very jealous, even if you do not want to admit it.

Your philosophy of life – friendship

Friendship is very important to you and will always defend the weak. Like modern technology. It is said that all Aquarians born 50 years before their time. Like many friends and you will do almost anything for them.

Life of Aquarius

The natives of Aquarius may tend to be too non-conformist, changing and unstable. They are also ready to break the barriers of family constraints.

The natives of Aquarius are very sociable people. They like to have a nice home where they can entertain family and friends. Their house is usually decorated in a modern style.

They need at least one area of ​​life that is sustainable and stable, this area is usually their home and family life.

Aquarius Health

The natives of Aquarius are predisposed to heart disease, headaches, back and they may also have problems with blood circulation. The natives of Aquarius are vulnerable to climate change.


The natives of Aquarius should eat foods that protect their circulatory system. For this reason they should avoid sugar. The natives of Aquarius love cakes and sodas, but it is a bad choice for their health. They need: fish, lobster, tuna, spinach, corn, peanuts and pears.


• The natives of Aquarius generally agree very well with the natives of Gemini and Libra. 
• From a professional point of view, they work best with the natives of Scorpio. 
• From an emotional standpoint, the Taureans are Preferred native of Aquarius. 
• Financially, Aquarius is compatible with the natives of Pisces. 
• In terms of romantic relationships (marriage / intimate relationship), the natives of Aquarius are twin souls of natives of Leo.

Professional Compatibility between:

Aquarius and Aries

The professional relationship between the two will be fine as each of the two will focus on his work.

Aquarius and Taurus

They can work with success because they have high standards of professionalism and technology.

Aquarius and Gemini

All professional compatibility it is best. The native of Aquarius will be able to control tantrums Gemini and Gemini native will encourage Aquarius to implement his ideas.

Aquarius and Cancer

As business partners or colleagues success is guaranteed.

Aquarius and Leo

They can work as a team, but in the short term. They can work in the media, advertising and the arts.

Aquarius and Virgo

Both natives do not have a good cooperation. Their relationship as business partners or colleagues at work will fail.

Aquarius and Libra

They are able to work effectively, but they do not like spending too much time together.

Aquarius and Scorpio

If they work together, they will be successful. They must be motivated to give performance in a professional and if this happens it is a guaranteed success.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

They may have a good working relationship giving customers exactly what they want.

Aquarius and Capricorn

Industrial relations between the two bring their advantages. They will use all their energy to solve their projects. They are very good organizers.

Aquarius and Aquarius

They have a strange way to work. They will see how many times they need to accomplish a task.

Aquarius and Pisces

It is recommended that an individual work because they fail to work well in a team.

Aquarius and Love

The native of Aquarius is unconventional. He needs independence and appreciate partners who respect his personal space. He is sincere and affectionate, but he does not like to be forced.Surprises and changes keep him keen interest in the couple. In turn, he is very loyal and he loves to surprise his partner.

How to Seduce an Aquarius?

The native of Aquarius wants to be accepted by others as it is. If you do not criticize, and you do not try to change it, he will appreciate it very much. You can be seduced by a conversation on topics of avant-garde and an open attitude. Try to always surprising, but not let it dominate you at any time.

Celebrities of your sign : Jennifer Aniston, Mischa Barton, Emma Bunton, Nick Carter, Sheryl Crow, Ellen DeGeneres, Raymond Domenech, David Gallagher, Stephanie Grimaldi (of Monaco), Caroline Grimaldi (of Monaco), Gene Hackman, Paris Hilton, Natalie Imbruglia, Ashton Kutcher, Brandon Lee, Paul Newman, Lisa Marie Presley, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chris Rock, Nicolas Sarkozy, Kelly Rowland, Shakira, John Travolta, Justin Timberlake, Oprah Winfrey, Robbie Williams etc..

The importance of the sign of Aquarius

You are independent, unconventional, individualistic. For this reason, your sign is easily identified.However, there is a characteristic that all natives of Aquarius share-a sincere desire to make the world better. You have many friends because you are very active in the company, you fight and you attack with great skill. People like you who work in organizations such as Greenpeace and Amnesty International. You want the good of all mankind. You are attracted to new ideas, once you have something in mind, it is difficult to change your mind.

The board of the astrologer

You are always pressed for time, you always have different problems that you do not have time to analyze what really matters to you. Your eccentric nature, encourages you to accept the challenges and changes, so you can begin by identifying the things that make you really happy.

Favorable locations for Aquarius :

The natives of Aquarius feel best places in modern, bright, spacious, they will not feel good in an old house or a medieval castle. They love car shows, computer shows, scientific conferences or fairs invention.

The spiritual path followed by Aquarius

Individuals born under the sign of Aquarius is constantly evolving. Eager to accumulate a lot of knowledge, they always try to be well informed, willing to give helpful advice. They protect their freedom at any cost and they encourage others to achieve their dreams.

They are very disappointed when they fail to do what they have proposed. They look ideal in difficult to reach places and they should try to accommodate the rules they must follow.

The chance

The natives of Aquarius do not expect divine intervention to achieve things in life. These individuals are familiar with rather bad luck and they know how to ignore it effectively to achieve their personal goals.

Your specific lie : I’m friends with everyone.



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