Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get): Aquarius

Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get): Aquarius.


Since democracy is the supreme good for Aquarius, one would expect the people belonging to this sign are happy to respect the majority opinion. The truth is that the respect-long as they agree with theirs!

Sex tips for the Aquarius woman

Monday 17/06/2013

Aquarians are idealists and humanists, characteristics that help them in their professional life, but not in romantic relationships. Although the Aquarius woman is quite

How to throw a guy in bed Aquarius

Saturday 06/15/2013

The Aquarius man is delicate and slow, because it enjoys the foreplay. He likes to control, explore and discover.

Aquarius and Entertainment

Monday 06/10/2013

Aquarians like to sophisticated evenings and not lose an opportunity to show their capricious personality. Also love the carnival party if it is tender,

Aquarius and Capabilities

Saturday 08/06/2013

Despite the obstacles often encountered on their way to achieving the objective chosen, Aquarians because of stable properties of the sign, insist their targets than

Aquarius and parapsychikes skills

Friday 06/07/2013

Aquarius is one of the signs of the zodiac associated with topics such as astrology, the supersensuous perception, spiritual healing and general hypersensible. They are resourceful and

The sign of Aquarius and anxiety

Tuesday 04/06/2013

It has so much contradictions this sign often Aquarians seem to militate against themselves.They want to have friends but also love the independence and

Secrets of Aquarius

Monday 03/06/2013

This property of having unpredictable Uranus means that it is impossible to say that Aquarians feel about the secrets. Some rejoice with them, others do not care,

The sign of Aquarius and cohabitation

Friday 31/05/2013

When there are no intimate relationships Aquarius is usually ideal roommate. It has a friendly, indifferent attitude toward everyone, which leaves plenty of room for others to

Fantasies in the sign of Aquarius

Thursday 30/05/2013

They are always one step ahead of the rest of mankind, hence their favorite fiction is science fiction and the kind of stories that take

The life cycle of an Aquarian

Wednesday 29/05/2013

As it is a fixed sign, Aquarians have a very clear picture of their goals. Because, however, not always know how best to reach them, many times

Aquarius and idols

Tuesday 28/05/2013

Aquarians greatly appreciate all those who changed katastimeno their struggles, especially not in science. In this category

The sign of Aquarius and markets

Tuesday 28/05/2013

Aquarians basically shop the erratic way. It may take a phase in which they do their shopping of the week at the same hour,

What scared the sign of Aquarius

Sunday 26/05/2013

This fear is not always obvious, and do everything they can to hide it from him themselves. The period during which most


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