Boost Your Self Esteem – Increase Self Confidence – | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get)

Boost Your Self Esteem – Increase Self Confidence – | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get).

Boost Your Self Esteem – Increase Self Confidence –


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A Slightly Sloppy Villain

Read a good mystery novel for a surefire ego boost. But here’s the clincher: The case must be crackable yet still satisfying, with a reliable “Aha!” moment, found an Ohio State University study. While all readers enjoyed not knowing for sure whodunit, those whose self-confidence was down at the time got a bigger boost when the villain turned out to be the one they sort of suspected all along. To strike that sweet spot, Kate Stine, the editor-in-chief of Mystery Scenemagazine, recommends books by Alexander McCall Smith (The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency mysteries), Margaret Maron (Deborah Knott series) and Lindsey Davis (Marcus Didius Falco mysteries).

Published on September 04, 2013

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Posted: Fri 10/4/2013 8:32 AM
Blogging my intermost feelings? Not a good idea! Remember what you put out into the universe via the internet is likley these days to fall into the wrong hands. Putting such intimate deatails about yourself can and has had devisating consequences for some people effecting their jobs, relationships, friendships, safety which can lead to danger, depression and self-estem. I say stay to the old fashion journal.
Posted: Sun 9/22/2013 7:32 PM
Great Self-Esteem for our children is OUR responsibility.I have coached played and coached football/soccer for many years. I have seen a lot of children who suffer from low self-esteem at an early age which is heart breaking. Children need to be encouraged to make decisions for themselves with parents positive guidance.Decisions like what sport they wish to play not sport chosen by parents or pressured by family and friends. Sport for children needs to be fun,enjoyable with no priority given to winning.We need to build academies where children can experience all kinds of sports played all over the world. A one stop shop for childrens sporting needs where they will experience different sports in 8 week blocks. Children aged 3 to 9 years of age as i feel by the time children reach the age of 10 they have chosen a sport they enjoy and feel they can be competitive in their chosen sport. Result is fun,enjoyment and great self-esteem which is a win win situation.
Posted: Sat 9/21/2013 11:50 PM
I once read that true wealth is not a measure of how much you have but rather how little you need and I have come to the point in my life where I am truly wealthy for my needs are little. I am at peace with everything that has happened in my life because it has all lead to where I am today. There was a time when I hated my life and I hated myself but I love my life now and I love the person that I am. It has been a long and hard journey many times filled with pain and confusion because there was so much I did not understand. I also learned from that journey that love is not a measure of how much you can make others love you but rather a measure of how much of yourself you can give to others. My life is by no means easy but I wake up everyday realizing how truly blessed I am and so thankful for my life.
Posted: Sat 11/23/2013 2:34 AM
I shouldn’t even be alive lellie93 but I still for how long I don’t know but that does not matter to me, I have faith in my God and peace in my heart. You have my thoughts and my prayers, I have laid everything in my Fathers hands and I am so thankful. I hate so much I see in the world but none of it has taken away my faith.
I Asked My Father Why Me Oh LordWhy am I beaten down every step of the way
I try to care for others why do I always pay
I know that I’m not perfect, but I always tried to share
But the more I try the worse things get, life is so unfair
Why does my life get so tangled, trying to do what I should
Than My Lord spoke to me and I understood
The path I chose to follow
Is a difficult one indeed
And if I choose to walk this path
I must understand the need
To know the pain of hopelessness
To feel like giving up
To know that losing everything
Is worth drinking from His cup
To know a world of heartache
Of suffering and despair
To reach out to another
And let them know you care
To understand that having
Is what you can give
To understand unselfish love
Is the only way to live

Posted: Fri 11/22/2013 9:50 PM
Speckintim: Thank you for sharing some of your spiritual journey (with me, especially). I am at a peaceful place myself, right now; but lurking in some dark space is the looming specter of a major medical journey that will begin on Monday, 11/25/13 for me. Meditation helps me a great deal to keep me from being overwhelmed; gratitude for some major miracles in the past, keeps me encouraged about the future. My years are many, and I intend to walk into this mega-challenge and exit successfully. I intend to call on folks like you, and the spirits of the Universe to work together to lead the way for me. If this reads too ambitious, it isn’t–I’ve been through it before but was totally oblivious–now I’m getting more and more enlightened. I do love the kind of person I have become, and expect to grow more. Peace and love to you. Namaste. ❤
Posted: Fri 9/13/2013 1:35 PM
Has anyone tried to do this pose? You have to be very limber to “Stretch the other over the back of the chair next to you. Rest one ankle on the opposite thigh.” Wouldn’t limber people automatically be more confident? Just askin’?



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