Sun in Sagittarius | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get)

Sun in Sagittarius | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get).

Sun in Sagittarius

Sun in Sagittarius

Live it up as the Sun visits the adventurous Archer

Tarotcom Staff

sun with sagittarius zodiac sign symbol

It’s time to emerge from the dark and into the light! The Sun moves from mysterious Scorpio to sunny Sagittarius on Thursday, Nov. 21, encouraging us to step outside and explore the big, beautiful world out there.

Sagittarius is a bold Fire sign that loves to travel, socialize and learn new things. So this is a great time to adopt that Archer attitude for yourself and push beyond your boundaries to try something new.

Do you know any Sagittarians? You can get a good idea of how they’ll be affected by reading Real Life Astrology: Sagittarius by Maria Desimone.

You can get key dates and predictions to plan for the month ahead with a personal 30-day Astrology Forecast. But there are some general rules of the road during this transit.

Sagittarius is known for having a happy-go-lucky good time, but they can also be impulsive and somewhat reckless. So, make sure you use a little more caution than usual now to avoid getting yourself into trouble. Watch out for things like being too blunt and hurting someone’s feelings, or overindulging in food or drink.

Then again, Thanksgiving takes place while the Sun is in Sagittarius, so maybe it’s OK to indulge just a little. After all, Sagittarius is all about abundance!

Here’s how to make the most of life with the Sun in Sagittarius:

What to do: Anything new! Sagittarius loves adventures, whether that means taking a trip, signing up for a class or meeting someone new. The point is to explore all your options now while the eager Sagittarius Sun gives you a boost of optimism and good luck.

What to say: Yes! Sagittarius is the quintessential opportunist, and they’re always up for anything at a moment’s notice. So whether you get a last-minute offer to travel abroad or if someone asks you to babysit their triplets for a weekend, don’t worry about it or overthink it — just say yes!

Where to go: Someplace different. Sagittarius gets the biggest thrill from going places they’ve never been before. So this is the time to finally book that ticket to a city you’ve always wanted to visit, or at the very least go to a restaurant where you’ve never eaten before.

What to wear: Something versatile enough to wear anywhere, durable enough to do anything in, and inexpensive enough that you won’t be upset when you spill on it, tear it or lose it. Sagittarius is pretty casual, so loosen up and love your jeans-and-T-shirt uniform for the next month!

What to buy: If you can’t buy an airline ticket right now, beer and books are all you need to have a good time while the Sun is in Sagittarius. Even better if you’re buying international beer and have someone to share it with, and if the books you’re reading area bout travel or philosophy.

What to watch out for: Accidents and hurting other people, either physically or emotionally. Sagittarius tends to leap before looking, which can sometimes create problems for themselves or others. This is a month to watch your step and watch your mouth so reckless behavior or blunt speech doesn’t spoil the good times.

What to look forward to: Expanding your mind! Take advantage of the Sun in Sagittarius’ outgoing and enthusiastic approach to life and use this time to learn new things, meet new people and attract and spread positive energy. Everyone loves a Sagittarius, and now’s your chance to experience their lifestyle for yourself!

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