5 Types Of Women Men Avoid – iVillage | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get)

5 Types Of Women Men Avoid – iVillage | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get).

5 Types Of Women Men Avoid – iVillage

5 Types Of Women Men Avoid



Editor’s Note: As women, we’re pretty picky when it comes to guys. We all have our list of deal breakers and don’ts that make us shy away from certain guys. But what do men steer clear of when it comes to women? Below, an AskMen.com columnist who calls himself “The Player” (ahem) counsels men based on his vast dating experience. Find out which types of women he tossed out…then keep this inside info in mind on your next trip to the bar.

When pursuing your lady, use this as a guide — The Player’s list of five types of women you should avoid. The Player has encountered many types of women in his existence, so who better to make a list than someone who’s been through the entire book? Don’t worry though, this list isn’t gospel — it simply offers a few guidelines to keep you from meeting Dr. Jekyll, but dating Mrs. Hyde… proceed at your own discretion.

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The Smart-Ass
Every man likes an articulate woman, a girl who can voice her opinion, sound intelligent and impress your friends with a philosophical debate on the downward spiral of modern politics. OK, maybe that’s pushing it a bit, but a woman with verbal confidence can be a hell of a turn-on. But let’s be realistic — while it’s always nice to date someone who is charismatic and well-versed, it’s something quite different to date a woman who beats the opinionated war drum.

Unfortunately, these types exist, and for those who haven’t had the privilege of strapping on your helmet and hunkering down for a verbal assault, you’re definitely not missing out. Everyone comes from different wombs, so why does she seem to get angry with you when you can’t agree? Some women simply like to test you to see how well you stand up for yourself; others just like to exert their own power. The Smart-Ass exposes your intellectual weaknesses and will subsequently cut you down because of it. This is a type to avoid at all costs, as she will make the rest of your evening miserable while she stomps on your heart with an egomaniacal boot.









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