July 22: The Sun Enters Proud Leo! | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get)

July 22: The Sun Enters Proud Leo! | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get).




Are you strong, confident, and firmly centered in your own solar system?


 Or do you orbit around someone else’s?


 The Sun’s entrance into Leo teaches you to be true to yourself, to speak up about what you want, and to take a stand for things in which you deeply believe. 


If you have a creative idea or a plan to improve your life, take advantage of Leo’s powerful, positive energy!


 Let people know who you are and what you’re doing — after all, they need to know about you if you want them to support you.


 Now is the time to step out of the shadows and into the light, embracing any and all good vibes that come your way!



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 Happy birthday to all you Leo readers! You inspire us, motivate us, and encourage us to be strong


Your Starcast for July 22 – August 22


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July 22: The Sun enters Leo

No matter what you want, people need to know your desires so they can help you. As the Sun shines brightly on dramatic Leo, step into your own spotlight and showcase your best self! There’s a reason so many celebrities are natives of this sign: They certainly know how to command attention! Use this time to escape others’ orbits and put yourself in the center of your own solar system. The Sun will be in Leo until August 22.


July 22: Full Moon in Aquarius

This full Moon occurs immediately after the Sun’s entrance into Leo. Since Aquarius champions teamwork, make sure that while you try to get yourself noticed, you also consider others’ needs as well! This is a perfect time to get involved in group projects or invest in your community. One thing is for certain: You won’t want to be alone during this social full Moon! Get together with friends, go to a party, or volunteer for a group whose cause you support. Just remember that with Saturn squaring the full Moon, take care to not over-schedule!


July 31: Mars squares Uranus

Be ready to change what you’re doing as action planet Mars receives a big message from rebellious Uranus! If you can ride this wave of change, you’ll do well. Don’t let whatever’s going on in your life throw you off-balance. All good plans can use fresh energy and new ideas, so use this time to create, innovate, and — most of all — stay true to yourself. This aspect reminds you to march to the beat of your own drum, even as you listen to others’ input.


August 1: The Sun quincunxes Pluto

People and your environment throw you a few curveballs today, forcing you to make adjustments. This may not be a bad thing, though, for whatever you’re trying to achieve, you’ll need to take into account the mood of these times. Consider overhauling your plans or even letting go of a cherished idea. Weigh your choices thoughtfully and you’ll know how to proceed.


August 4: The Sun trines Uranus

Offering energy and courage, this aspect represents one of those times in life when you’re asked to do something new and exciting. Now all you have to do is take advantage of this opportunity! Reach out to your support network. If you’re willing to change your plans to improve your life, people will help make your dreams become reality!

August 6: New Moon in Leo

A new Moon always signals a fresh beginning, and this one in the Fire sign of Leo is sure to ignite your creativity and passion! Don’t let anything hold you back from pursuing your goals now. Exciting Uranus in bold Aries trines this new Moon, demonstrating that the more original you are, the more likely you are to get the attention and help you need. This is an ideal time to start a new hobby, sign up for a class, or accept invitations to events and parties. Whatever you do, start something, whether you choose to pursue a dream, goal, idea, plan, or project. As always at any new Moon, invest in something that you’d like to see become more important in your life. The power of this new Moon is in effect until the next full Moon, which takes place on August 20.


August 7: Jupiter opposes Pluto

Jupiter is currently traveling through the sensitive homebody sign of Cancer. In this opposition to powerful Pluto in ambitious Capricorn, you have the opportunity to assess how your home base can provide a foundation for your worldly pursuits. Strong, nurturing family ties can give you the strength and sustenance to pursue your dreams, while a solid self-care plan can give you everything you need to go out into the world. Figure out how you can best support yourself by balancing your personal needs with your commitments to others.


August 8: Mercury enters Leo

August 11: Mercury squares Saturn

If you’ve been waiting to share your ideas with others, or if you want someone in particular to notice you, now is the time to speak up — people are ready to listen to whomever can grab their attention! You’ll command respect now if you’re confident and willing to talk up your original ideas. Keep in mind, though, that as Mercury moves toward its square with Saturn, people will also expect you to have done your homework and be able to answer their questions. This is no time to wing it — make sure you know what you’re talking about!


August 13: Mercury quincunxes Pluto

As confident as you may feel with Mercury in bold Leo, today Pluto asks you to think more about what you want to achieve, rather than how much you’d like to get noticed. If you have a clear goal and are able to not only keep your ego in check, but successfully communicate your ideas, you’re bound to receive valuable assistance. You may need to adjust some of your plans, but it’ll be worth it in the long run!


August 14: Mercury trines Uranus and squares the north and south nodes

Today brings a mixed message, so pay close attention! On one hand, you receive support for your ideas from innovative, creative people; on the other hand, you’ll find it difficult to secure financial backing due to Mercury’s square to the north node in Scorpio and the south node in Taurus, each a money sign. Make sure all agreements or contracts are thoroughly vetted before you sign on any dotted lines.


August 16: Venus enters Libra

As Venus enters its own sign, you won’t want to be alone! This is a wonderful chance to spend quality time with your partner or get together with friends. During the length of this transit (through September 10), make a point to get out more. Go to parties, plan a trip, or hire a babysitter so you can enjoy an evening out with your partner. If you’re single and looking for love, don’t wait on the sidelines — get out of the house! Finally, if you’ve experienced a recent conflict with someone, this transit presents an ideal opportunity to mend fences.


August 20: Full Moon in Aquarius

Once in a great while, two consecutive full Moons occupy the same sign. Last month brought a full Moon in Aquarius on July 22, while today brings another full Moon in that same sign of the Water Bearer, lending extra attention to group efforts. Whenever the Moon is full in Aquarius, that means the Sun is in Leo, the sign of leadership. The task during this emotionally heightened time is to maintain a balance between your needs and those of others. Since Mercury in Leo conjuncts the Sun, people in charge have a great deal to say. How will these messages be received? Neptune, next to the Moon, shows some confusion, but this is still a good time to join forces with others. After all, teamwork is the Aquarian motto!


August 21: Jupiter squares Uranus

Feeling restless? Every now and then, it’s necessary to move out of old ruts, patterns, and snoozy ways. Jupiter represents how you can reach out and improve your life by focusing on expanding (and bettering!) your circumstances, and its current placement in Cancer demonstrates how important your security and emotional well-being is. Uranus, the planet of change, is in Aries now, a bold sign that loves anything new, so it could be time to make important — perhaps even radical — changes. You may get involved in home projects or renovations, or even move into a new house. Your world is shifting, and now’s the time to embrace fresh conditions — even if they feel somewhat uncomfortable at first. If you can remain adaptable and flexible, you’ll get the most out of this important aspect.



 Enjoy the Sun’s transit through Leo!

*** AstroLesson: Sun Sign Compatibility


We tend to choose our friends for different reasons than we choose our mates. A good friendship relies on a foundation of shared values, similar interests, and easy communication. These similarities are often found between those whose Sun signs share the same astrological element.


For example, Libra and Gemini — each an Air sign — enjoy socializing and chatting. On the other hand, Scorpio and Pisces are members of the Water element, so these emotionally sensitive individuals won’t necessarily tell you everything that’s going on with them. Virgo and Capricorn, both of which are Earth signs, share a practical approach to life and appreciate one another’s grounded sensibility.


When it comes to our love lives, however, we’re mostly attracted to differences, which brings out that magical ingredient we call chemistry. It’s common to see couples whose Sun signs are opposite of each other: Some high-profile examples include Prince William (Cancer) and Kate (Capricorn), and Angelina Jolie (Gemini) and Brad Pitt (Sagittarius).


Certain couples have signs that are 150 degrees from each other (known as a quincunx aspect) — President Barack Obama (Leo) and Michelle Obama (Capricorn) are one such example. Other couples, such as Will Smith (Libra) and Jada Pinkett Smith (Virgo), have signs that reside next to one another.


 As you can see, differences in personality keep life interesting — and are often the glue that keeps a pair of people together!




Once more:

Happy birthday to all you Leo readers! You inspire us, motivate us, and encourage us to be strong! 



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