Anything is possible but nothing is guaranteed! | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get)

Anything is possible but nothing is guaranteed! | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get).


If you have your heart set on someone or something, get the ball rolling and create an opportunity for romance or social commitments.

Then step back and let things unfold in their own time. 

Love and excitement are in the air, but be willing to go with the flow, for plans often have a way of taking on a life of their own. 

Unexpected, seemingly random, or surprising results could shatter your assumptions, change your direction, or cause you to consider the stakes more carefully.

Don’t wait too long to regroup, cut your losses or catch up, for you could miss an opportunity for happiness.

Be prepared to act or react at a moments notice, for your turn could come when you least expect it.




* You may have struggled recently with finances, health, or domestic issues. 

You may have felt scattered, unable to balance your many obligations, and might have literally just dropped them and ran. 
You are being reminded that to act on impulse might just make matters worse. 
Change will come when you are ready to choose, and you will need to pick up, or tie up what you left behind in order to resolve the situation. 
Try not to let your resources become imbalanced in the future.
If you can make a positive choice, you can put this storm behind you.

* You have a willingness to change, take risks and be open to new opportunities. 
You may be stimulated by originality and creativity, and you may have a great love for exploring, speculating or gambling.
You may feel restlessness due to the natural ebb and flow of energies, but since you may currently be on top –
– and feel as though prosperity may be right around the corner –
– you may be more energized both internally and externally.

* Recently you may have found yourself stuck in a catch 22, out of touch or between a rock and a hard place when two or more options — perhaps related to your career or financial obligations, and your partner or relationship — left you conflicted or facing contradictory or “pie in the sky” offers.
Rather than making a choice, however, you might have procrastinated, pretended that all was well or “faked it.” 
You hoped either to avoid inevitable unpleasantness or that something would come along and point you in the right direction.
Such ambiguous or indifferent waiting may have taken the decision from you; you might have missed the boat altogether due to receiving or sending mixed messages.
In the end, having tried to please everyone, you might have felt played for a fool, particularly when the good times were over and you seemed to have little to show for it.
There was a fine line between the practical realities of your basic needs and feeding your sensual pleasures.
But in this matter you might have swung to the extreme, been at cross-purposes or not have been on the same wavelength as your partner.
You may have felt out of balance, exhausted, let down or left up in the air.
On the one hand, “all work and no play…,” but on the other, you may have had to “pay to play,” and it may not have turned out to be such a hot bargain.
This situation or decision may have become a lesser-of-two-evils predicament.
Either way you may have rocked the boat or been materially or physically jumping through hoops, stretched to the max or juggling feathers and/or rocks…,
trying to organize your time, attention, money or resources in order to accommodate both the cravings of your love life and your daily responsibilities.

* This could be a warning that you are stagnating in your relationship or love life, or have something in your past that has been eating at you.
You may have been avoiding the reality or are not ready to deal with the unknown. 
The time may be coming, however, when you become tired of devoting your energy to denial and justification, and realize that you could be fighting a lost cause. 
Once recognized, you might actually feel liberated and filled with renewed hope.
It can be okay again.

* This position describes, confirms, contradicts, or exposes a past source of strength, dysfunction, or emotional clutter that, in forming your perceptions, may influence your current situation and help to create or sabotage your romantic future on a daily basis through assumptions or denial that might continue to repeat themselves in search of change or closure.
Sometimes people get so set in their ways that they just don’t get it.
They need constant flattery, put up with or resort to excuses, self-pity, or self-righteous indignation when a relationship isn’t working out. 
Take care that you don’t fall victim to such a “know it all” or self-absorbed attitude yourself, for the result could be disgrace or a loss of trust or dignity. 
Reconsider motives before giving in.


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