Give your loved ones the benefit of the doubt | Experience It Now © 2012

Give your loved ones the benefit of the doubt | Experience It Now © 2012.

crying child

Give your loved ones the benefit of the doubt

“He did not mind that I was angry, he was even happy! Glad I again created a hole in my life for him.”


What prevents us to give the ‘spiritual’ the benefit of the doubt This weekend I went to dinner with my girlfriend to friends and eventually went on the ‘my thing’. One of our friends, I call him for convenience Robert, said that there is nothing after death. Simply done, over and out . Well. Of course I can not blame them to think like him. Everyone has the right to have whether it’s true or not a business. But what fascinates me is that they choose the most cold and hard approach. There is nothing, finished off. Unless you think about it. It is almost all explained. Logic from

Imagine, there is life after death and the only separation is our physical existence. What if thinking, feeling and ‘being’ just go ahead? What are preserved as reminders after death and communication is just possible. If you’re not terrified of it, you get it almost did. Maybe you camp with guilt respects to the deceased, or do you still own anger that you were unable or unwilling to speak out. Is not it easier to kill just to have for what they are; death, nothing, gone, vanished … You put that guilt simply somewhere in a moving box with destination subconscious. Dear road, guilt away. Anyway, how it works unfortunately not!

Because anger, guilt, doubts or any emotion whatsoever, you can not hide. The only right thing you can do is live with emotions, time after time after time. The experience comes understanding and insight you create space and get your emotions space. Only then they will not stay on your stick and they are no longer for your feet so you tripped.Due to experience all the fun and less pleasant emotions, they have the space to go away again. Experience is letting go. And I felt at Robert, there was pain behind his position, doubts.

I can easily empathize with Robert, because I have lost a parent. I was very young and my father was also no desire to be only 44 years. I was mad at him, furious. But I did not, not for myself and not for the outside world. Come on, I’m a big boy, I’ve processed!And I had to have nothing to do with the dead. “What nonsense” said my mind. And then ‘suddenly’ you lie on the couch with a medium that brings you in touch with your father. I went there quite willingly go, perhaps to prove that the spiritual is all nonsense tough. Until! Until my father was suddenly, in my sense, in my mind and I felt that huge anger in myself. I cried even more than his own. Death I found this so much of myself. I had not only my father disappointed with my anger, but mostly I had myself fooled.

But you know what happened? He did not mind that I was angry, he was even happy!Glad I again created a hole in my life for him. Because he was there perhaps no longer physically, he was there! He knew what I had experienced in the years after his death.Now, years later, it is almost strange to say that I know after his death than before.’m My father better That benefit of that doubt. I am glad that I have awarded myself. It was a painful step to take, but it sure made ​​my life forever and enriched my father has often assisted me in difficult choices. Because they are really not far away, our loved ones.You do your eyes to close and talk through your heart and you will get answers. In the beginning it is always strange, but now I do not know any better. The benefit of the doubt, why you still doubt?


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