Positions of the stars and their impact… | Nothing But The Best (We are/do/get)

  * We are serious enough to engage in an emotional conversation about an intense issue today. But the early morning Mercury-Saturn opposition strains communication and it feels as if satisfaction will be impossible to reach. However, assertive Mars aligns with potent Pluto, strengthening our convictions. Extreme behavior is possible since it’s more difficult to contain our self-expression after the Moon shifts into impulsive Aries at 9:03 pm EDT. * Don’t spend what you don’t have. You may have credit card offers coming in, but debt isn’t fun. Make do with what you have for now. If you’re frugal enough, you can find great things on a budget. It just takes a little resourcefulness. * Your values are turned around a little bit — but not so much that you can’t change course easily! Just take some time to think things through and then find a way to get going once again. * For Monday, May 6 You are feeling quite avant-garde today — so much so that you may confuse your people quite a bit. That’s not a big problem, as they are sure to catch up with you eventually. Enjoy the mystery! * General Weekly Love Horoscope Influences: The Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse on Thursday afternoon casts a long shadow on relationships this week. A new beginning is possible if we are willing to examine the past with an objective eye. Look forward to a sweet but not very serious weekend starting with the playful Gemini Moon’s conjunction with adorable Venus on Friday night. Affection flows easily when we keep things light and enjoy the pleasure of living in the moment. When expectations are modest there’s no need to struggle to make relationships right.


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