A Cosmic Pile-Up Kicks Off May!

A Cosmic Pile-Up Kicks Off May!

If the 1st of May begins to feel like a cosmic obstacle course,

well, that’s because it is.

Three major transits will go into effect this day, and none of them will make life easier.

That doesn’t mean they’re all bad, but it does mean you may need to put your nose to the grindstone today.

First up will be a stubborn, aggressive Mars opposing an obsessively focused Saturn.

This transit can be a downer if you don’t channel your energies right:

Mars will be scrambling to get something done, while Saturn sets up roadblocks, preventing forward progress.

Your best bet is to tackle the day by focusing on detail-oriented tasks and chores so that you’ll feel like you’re accomplishing something, while still managing to tie up all those loose ends that Saturn hates.

The Sun and Pluto will also get together on this day, and they too will require great effort and persistence.

However, in this case, you’ll immediately recognize the benefits of your efforts, so you’ll feel good about the work.

Finally, chatty Mercury settles into down-to-earth Taurus for two weeks. There will be no time for pie-in-the sky daydreams.

If a plan isn’t realistic and possible, then there’s no sense in discussing it.

All ideas must have tangible results, and you may be slow to come to decisions because you want to make sure everything is realistic and reasonable.

While you’re in such a practical mindset, today could be one of the best possible days to make sure your life is heading down the right track.


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