Love Horoscope for the Week of April 29 —

Love Horoscope for the Week of April 29

weeklyloveTaurus has a reputation for being fairly placid and easy to get along with — and that’s often true. This week’s planets in Taurus, though? They’re getting a lot of agitation from other planets. And agitated Bulls, in case you hadn’t heard, aren’t always the most amiable companions. Watch the sectors of your chart where 10 degrees Taurus and Scorpio fall, and there is bound to be some (potentially uncomfortable) movement there.

Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn get a lot of attention this week. The Sun, Mercury, and Mars all pass through the first third of Taurus, opposing Saturn. This will make for more than the usual amount of interpersonal tensions. Fortunately the Zodiac is providing a constructive way out of the mess: while all of these planets are opposing Saturn, they will also be trine Pluto. This means that any of the structures in your life which get stressed and strained to the point of cracking can, hopefully, be repaired or rebuilt in even stronger form.

Feeling the tension in the 10 degrees Taurus/Scorpio parts of your life? You may find relief where 12 degrees Capricorn is in your birth chart.

›› Don’t know where the 10 degrees Taurus/Scorpio axis is in your chart? Get a free copy of your chart now.

Keep in mind even a trine to Pluto is rarely a completely comfortable thing. Blowing things up in order to reconstruct them is one thing, but blowing things up just because you’re tired of inaction is another. Choose your words and your targets wisely. Tuesday and Wednesday may prove to be a particular challenge, when the Mars opposition to Saturn is exact.Tempers that have been brewing for a while may finally erupt, and long-standing tensions may lead to outbursts and disruptions in unexpected ways. Just remember that Pluto is on your side, and that re-ordering things in a more bearable manner will be easier.

Also, just generally: even going just by Sun Sign alone, show a little extra caution and patience with the Fixed Sign people (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) in your life. Sometimes even the most difficult transit can be made a little better by the right words or a kind action at the right time.

Finally, the week ends with the Moon floating through Pisces for most of it before it enters Aries on Sunday evening. Normally a weekend with mooning Pisces would make for an instant “designated driver alert.” Given the Moon is Void much of Sunday, which is also Cinco de Mayo, perhaps a designated drivers alert and a lot of pre-planning is called for.


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