Lizzie Mae’s Blog: Who was Ophelia?


English: Mignon Nevada as "Ophelia",...
English: Mignon Nevada as “Ophelia”, glass negative photograph, circa 1910. Français : Mignon Nevada interprétant “Ophelia”. Négatif photographique en verre, circa 1910. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lizzie Mae’s Blog: Who was Ophelia?.

Who was Ophelia?


Ophelia is a character no one really paid attention too, few lines and we dont really see her alot through out the movies or videos.
Ophelia I believe was a really just a sweet innocent girl, a girl who really had a lot to struggle on, stuck between choosing to obey her father or to follow her heart to be with Hamlet. She really had no privacy of her own, you could say she had just as much to deal with as Hamlet did. Everyone was always up in Hamlets business and Ophelia has to always tell her father about things and she really is so obidient to her father that she has to let go of a love she has. She has no mother, she looses her boyfriend, her brother is gone and now her ex boyfriend, a guy she loves kills her father, and I can only imagen the guilt she might feel or think to her self.
Her death is really everyones fault, I mean everything thats going on no one really takes care of ophelia, look after her when her father is killed, she is completley alone, I think I woud go crazy too if I lost everyone around me and I have no one to vent to or to assure me that it was not my fault.

I think Ophelia a the true victem upon this whole situation, all she really wanted to do was to praise her own father with her obidience, but everyones own selfishness and crazyness and obsessions lead her to her own death. Her father was nosey and there for killed by mistake, Hamlet chooses to make her part of his game, leaving her in tears, and when no one is left to be around her and just watch over her like her brother or father, everyone just like forgets about her. Poor Ophelia handeling death and lonleyness on her own. I dont think she would have wanted to bring death upon her self, perhaps she had just fallen on her own into the water, and laying there soaked she thought why not, in the moment she may have just thought to her self well whats left? Gertrude watched this and since she saw it she may have been able to save her.

Ophelia just a misunderstood and lonley girl that was not cared for.


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