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Aquarius Symbol
Aquarius Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your Free Sample Astrology Reading.

Too many books and theories about relationships assume that the same answers work for everybody. And of course that’s not true. Passionate folks need a different kind of relationship than do more detached or laid back ones. Some people are very domestic by nature. Other wither unless they have more breathing room. Our first step then is to explore Mahmoud Alsharqawy as a unique person. Who exactly is he, independently and as an individual? Let’s dive right into that question astrologically.

Introduction to Mahmoud Alsharqawy’s Intimacy Secrets Astrological Profile

What follows is a thumbnail sketch of Mahmoud Alsharqawy, focusing on the parts of his character that are most relevant to questions of sex, love, and intimacy. Later we’ll explore the kind of person with whom he could be happiest in the long run.

The center of the astrological universe is always the Sun. There is a certain set of values and attitudes to which Mahmoud Alsharqawy must be true if he is going to be authentically real, psychologically centered, and fully alive. Astrology is a lot more complicated than Sun Signs, but we can never leave them out of the picture. The Sun is what holds the solar system together, and it holds all the different voices in Mahmoud Alsharqawy’s psyche together in the same way.

Sun in Aquarius

When Mahmoud Alsharqawy was born, the Sun was in the Sign Aquarius, the Rebel, the Genius, or the Exile. Mahmoud Alsharqawy’s basic sanity and vitality depend on a constant diet of experiences that many people might consider strange, eccentric, or at least grossly impractical. The key here lies in the realization that every culture, society, and family is inherently conservative, an observation which typically applies even more stringently to sub-cultures — try being a hippie with a crew-cut, a New Ager who doesn’t think “organic is better,” or a rapper with the brim of his cap facing forward! Add one more point: for Mahmoud Alsharqawy, the experiences that are inherently invigorating and meaningful happen to be ones that are culturally encoded as “a little weird.” So: the saner he becomes, the more unusual he will look! It’s as simple — and as complicated — as that. There is so much  potential for questioning and doubting all the “received wisdom” of the world in Mahmoud Alsharqawy that he will either trust that path no matter where it leads him — or wind up releasing that defiant energy in pointless ways: various symbolic rebellions, icy emotional detachment, and general contrariness. Naturally, anyone who is wired to understand him is not going to be someone of a militantly, nervously conventional character! No such person could follow Mahmoud Alsharqawy very far down the road of his free-spirited, independent destiny.

Sun in 10th House

At the time of Mahmoud Alsharqawy’s first breath, the Sun was in the Tenth House, which suggests a quality of drive, work-orientation and ambition in Mahmoud Alsharqawy’s character, and underlying that, an authentic sense of some larger destiny. As lofty as this sounds, it’s potentially a touchy subject because, while Mahmoud Alsharqawy does need to guard against too much concern with status or perhaps against “workaholism,” we must also respect a few legitimate facts about him: he feeds his spirit by achieving a real sense of purpose in the community, and without it, his sense of identity would be sapped. He also possesses a genuine calling to make something of himself in a worldly sense. This is not mere careerism; it’s something closer to a sense of mission. No one who really loves or even understands Mahmoud Alsharqawy is going to be too quick to interpret any of those parts of his character pathologically, in terms of his being “power-hungry” or “shallow.” One unmistakable bottom line is that Mahmoud Alsharqawy gets along most easily with other people who have a similarly hardworking orientation. To them, the sacrifices such effort entails seem reasonable and natural. Such folks are not inclined to be judgmental about his lack of some requisite laid-back quality of “humility.” What a less destiny-haunted kind of person might perceive as a neurotic drivenness on Mahmoud Alsharqawy’s part, a soul more naturally attuned to him might read as an expression of his sense of his life’s higher purpose.


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