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Aquarius Symbol
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Aquarius Compatibility | Xstrology.

Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarians find harmony best with a Libra partner. Aquarians and Librans will form relationships under any circumstance, whether it be professionally, socially or even romantically. These two signs are deeply compatible with one another, and make great friends and the best of partners. Being air signs, they tend to appreciate each other’s pleasant, affable manners, while still being tolerant of the occasional but volatile burst of temper. They share a common love for obscure knowledge and trivia, and are both free-spirited souls. Aquarians form a similar if slightly lesser bond with Gemini, who are similarly intelligent and free-spirited, offering the Aquarian a partner who is intellectual and worldly. But the Gemini’s knack for switching personalities and penchant for tall tales will not sit well with the Aquarian that values factuality. These relationships tend to prosper, but do throw up a fair share of disagreements. Aquarians bond well with each other as friends, but as partners can find the relationship lacking a general lack of passion or visceral connection (unless a powerful fire or water sign is an ascendant).

Fire signs are the next best suited for an Aquarian, and the list begins with Aries. This relationship will mirror the basic tenets of air-fire sign bonding, because the Aquarian’s gentle, affable personality will soothe the dominating, powerful flare of the Aries. While these relationships generally work better when the Aries is the masculine half, they work well enough the other way around. Aquarians also bond well with the other powerful fire sign in the Zodiac, the indomitable lion. Leos, for all their egotistical, arrogant exterior, are actually quite compassionate at heart and will be drawn to the Aquarian’s spiritual nature. These two signs will find common ground in humanitarian causes and the Aquarian will bring out the best work ethic from the often lazy Leo. Leos will provide the passion in the relationship, while the Aquarian will provide the right amount of life to sustain the fire. Sagittarians are people that get along well with just about any sign, but this is particularly true with the Aquarian that impresses them constantly. Sagittarians usually gravitate towards social and political causes, and in the Aquarian, they will find an ideal, intellectual counterpart. Both signs are capable of flashes of temper, but the Sagittarian will soon discover that the Aquarian just won’t back down in an argument!

Water signs find the Aquarian spirit comforting. Pisces, being the adjacent sign, bond best with Aquarius. Both signs actually enjoy a slight overlap of personalities, as most adjacent signs do, but there are just enough differences to keep the relationship interesting. The Piscean has a big heart and is a gentle, sweet person that the Aquarian will find easy to be around. But unless fire signs are an ascendant on either side, such relationships will lack a certain buzz. Scorpios and Aquarians gel very well together, owing to the fiery, passionate nature of the Scorpio, which appeals to the usually mild-tempered, impassioned Aquarian. But these relationships will be littered with arguments, because Scorpio-Aquarius is one of those pairs in the Zodiac that infamously do not get along all the time. Cancer and Aquarius make good buddies and on rare occasions good partners, but the Cancer’s passion is home, will the Aquarian’s motto is away, both mentally and physically, and so no matter how well they might get along, long-term relationships tend to be a challenge.

Earth signs are poor matches for the Aquarian, purely because of the conflict of interests. Virgos are very rational and practical, desiring stability which they will rarely find in the Aquarian partner. Taurus and Aquarius will get along relatively well, but the critical nature of the Taurean and their financial aspirations will put off the soulful, adventurous Aquarian. Capricorns and Aquarians, being adjoining signs, find ways to make relationships work. Their common love for knowledge alone often enables them to endure long, stable relationships, and in most cases the Capricorn will play the submissive role in the partnership.


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