The new Moon

The Moon:
Your Natural Day Planner

As the heavenly body that moves most
quickly, the Moon has always acted as a
sort of calendar and natural day planner.
Farmers rely on her phases and her
movement through each sign of the
zodiac in planting and harvesting their
crops. Sailors note her position and her
effect on the tides. Astrologers connect
the movements of the Moon to the most
mundane, domestic, habitual patterns of
daily life – the warp and woof of daily
existence. The Moon, then, is your
natural guide for living in rhythm with the
forces of nature.

The Moon by Phase

The Moon moves through eight phases
each month in her journey through the
zodiac. This planner simplifies the
Moon’s journey by focusing on four of
these phases: The New Moon, First
Quarter Moon, Full Moon, and Last
Quarter Moon. The energy of the
waxing Moon (between the New and
Full Moons, when the Moon is
increasing in light) is one of initiation,
action, and forward motion. This is
the best half of the month for putting
plans into action. During the waning
Moon (between the Full and New
Moons, when the Moon is decreasing in
light), it is more natural to fulfill the
intentions of the waxing Moon phases
by carrying out those plans and
examining their results.

The Moon by Sign

The Moon makes a complete tour of the
Zodiac in about 28-29 days, spending
about 2.5 days in each of the twelve
signs. Each sign describes a particular
quality of emotion and temperament, an
innate to approach to getting things
done and relating to others. Signs lend
themselves naturally to particular types
of activities; knowing what these
activities are can give you an enormous
advantage as you plan your activities for
the month.

The Pisces
New Moon Cycle

The New Moon is on
Friday, March 4, 2011
at 12:46 p.m. PST / 3:46 pm EST
The Sun and Moon are joined together
at 13.56 Pisces

Pisces is a mutable water sign, symbolizing emotional
(water) flexibility (mutable). Pisces symbolizes the oneness
of all people and things, and is associated in astrology with
spirituality, compassion, counseling, music, and dance.
Anything brings you to a better understanding of others, a
keener appreciation of reality, and a more humble
acceptance of things and people as they are, is associated
with Pisces.

Your job at the Pisces New Moon is to let go – to accept
that even the transcendent, universal vision of last month’s
Aquarius New Moon will never be realized exactly as you
might have hoped, or embraced equally by everyone who is
important to you. The sociability and collaborative teamwork
of Aquarius yields now to a quiet softness and a release of
willfulness. Feel your need to force situations into a
particular shape begin to dissipate, as you become willing –
even eager – to open yourself to whatever unexpected
treasures the Universe has in store for you.


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