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Is your Astrological Sun sign compatible with your partner?  Look at this Astrology sign compatibility chart: Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility Friendship Compatibility Sign Aquarius Libra, Gemini Aries, Sagittarius Aquarius » Pisces Cancer, Scorpio Taurus, Capricorn Pisces » Aries Leo, Sagittarius Aquarius, Gemini Aries » Taurus Virgo, Capricorn Pisces, Cancer Taurus » Gemini Libra, Aquarius Aries, … More Zodiac Sign Compatibility

💫 @erikaalaura5 ☀ Do you have any blocks to receiving or benefiting from energy healing? This is so important to clear, because you could go to many different healers, and if you innately have a block to healing, it’s like throwing your money away. You might get a half result, but by releasing what’s blocking you, you can have a full and complete result, a shift from the healing session. A block to receiving healing could be the energy of terror that you’re carrying from a past life. A lot of the energies that I work with in my clearings have to do with past lives. The huge majority of what we experience in this lifetime is a continuation of past life themes. You don’t have to keep playing those energies out, you can clear them. It could be that in a past life you were mentally, emotionally, or physically harmed for spirituality reasons. Maybe you were practicing something some form of spirituality and you were harmed or even killed because of it, so it created a block for you to receive spiritual healing. You can easily clear these blocking energies and programs of self doubt, abuse, bitterness, emotional or mental poverty, which are blocks to real fulfillment in your emotional life. What this means is that your higher self, your soul, your inner being is reviewing the lifetime and having a new understanding about what happened. You’re able to now see it from a new vantage point, so you’re able to really take in the accumulated wisdom of the lifetime, understand what happened, integrate whatever the lessons or the understanding was meant to be, and you’re now releasing the negative on what happened. When you do that, it releases this discordant and negative energies that were a part of your vibration. You can replace it with a new positive vibration of trust, self esteem, appreciation for yourself, love, optimism, energies of a deeper connection to spirit, etc. get in touch with me if you could use my help 🌠@erikaalaura5 💕 #receive #healing #lightworker #healtheworld #letgo #pastlives #soul #spirituality #energyhealing #unconditionallove #energy #highvibes #emotions #clearing #awareness #oldsoul #higherself #guardianangel #connection #alignment ✴

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☀ My #Chinese_Zodiac_Sign: 🌟 The Tantalizing Snake 🌠 by Marie Diamond The intelligent Snake calculates outcomes ahead of time. Snakes are born organizers and know well how to use their talents of discretion, discernment and intuition. Kind and considerate, they remain quiet in company. But under this silent demeanor can be a stubborn and suspicious person that doesn’t like pain or failure. The Snake has the ability to see beyond appearances to something deeper. Using these talents, the Snake is capable of creating his own reality practically and gracefully. Lovely and charming, Snakes will be at their best when you connect with them in the same way — with grace and charm. But never attack them because they won’t easily forget it … and may react one day when you least expect it. They can predict the future, as they are able to feel what is approaching more than any other Chinese zodiac sign. When they understand that a project will benefit them, they will pour all of their effort into it. Often the philosopher, the Snake can also be the biggest party animal when in high spirits. Surprising and romantic, they can erase all problems with their #wisdom. 💕 🌹 💞 #Awareness ✨ #AstroMouda 🌛 🌠 #Nothing_But_The_Best ☀ 🍀

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💫 @conscious_collective 🌠 “In reality, there is only one body, and that body is the entire cosmos. An inconceivable amount of relationships are occurring between various energies and particles, giving us the illusion that there are separate entities. But all of these entities are connected to one another, made of star dust, and when the temporary relationships that form these apparently separate entities cease, these entities will return to the very same star dust from which they emerged. Everything in the Universe is existing together, as one entity. There is no separation, no isolation, no “me” vs. “them;” there is only life, existing, moving, and evolving together. The only reason we feel like we are isolated and separate from one another is because we have been conditioned to see reality from this illogical perspective. But this feeling of separation is just a result of our delusional perception of life. No matter how hard we try to see ourselves as separate, the truth remains that we are all one, eternally connected to each other on every level. In order to heal this sense of disconnection within ourselves, we need to heal our ignorant perception of life by replacing our ignorance with knowledge and proper understanding.” -From my book “Oneness: Awakening from the Illusion of Separation” Available on Amazon.com or as a free PDF at http://ift.tt/2dnjElc 🌻 ✨ 🌛 🌠 #Nothing_But_The_Best ☀ 🍀

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💕💫💞 In Greek mythology, #Chiron was the centaur (half man, half horse) son of Greek god Cronus. He was knowledgeable in the healing arts and mentored Greek heros like Hercules, Jason and Achilles. Unlike most centaurs who are known for their impetuousness and hot-headedness, Chiron was wise and patient. One day, he was accidentally wounded by Hercules, and despite his extensive medical knowledge, he could not heal his own wound. Being immortal, he endured great pain until he exchanged his life to free Prometheus from his suffering and die in his place. In #astrology, Chiron is the #wounded_healer, representing our wounds — #physical, #emotional, #psychological, #spiritual or otherwise — and our healing — may it be through being nursed back to a physically healthy state, releasing painful memories, letting go of negativity or restoring our faith. For 5 years, Chiron’s transit in Aquarius focused on “healing” social structures through individual humanitarian efforts coming together to make an impact despite the differences in our races, cultures, belief systems, etc. In Pisces, Chiron’s focus goes beyond social structures. There are no boundaries with Pisces. Pisces governs the realm of the unseen — mysticism, spirituality, the psyche, dreams, psychic abilities, compassion, sacrificial love, collective consciousness, interconnectedness, escapism, abuse, phobias, mental problems and hospitals/mental institutions. Those born between 1960 and 1969 (March-August 1960; January 1961-April 1968; October 1968-January 1969) may be going through your Chiron Return between 2010 and 2019. Chiron Return represents healing deeply rooted wounds that only you can heal for yourself — no medicine, physician or any other kind of healer can do it for you. It is through rehashing old memories, remembering/re-experiencing the pain, and finally making peace with them that release and healing may be achieved. Though the process itself is painful and taxing, you deal with it in your own pace and in your own way. It’s important to remember to be kind to yourself during this process. ✨ #AstroMouda 🌛 🌠 #Nothing_But_The_Best ☀ 🍀

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💫 @lovelaughgivegrow 🌠 💞 . . . When I give I always end up richer 😌 . . 💕 #Gratitude #Love #Give #BeTheChange #Awareness #Authenticity #Love_Unconditionally #Releasing_Bad_Habits #Integrity #energy #enlightenment #Practice #FreeYourself #perspective #harmony #healing #light #life #SpiritualAwakening #SoulHappiness #consciousness 🌻 ✨ 🌛 🌠 #Nothing_But_The_Best ☀ 🍀

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The atmosphere is ripe with imagination, inspiration and energy, symbolized by an electrically charged, dynamic, arousing force that bodes well for creative initiatives. If your goals are in alignment with the greater good, your actions will meet with success, but this can only happen if you apply your energy in a positive way. This consists of all power lines, indicates a good time to take a leadership role, because Creative Power is with you now. But be forewarned: success turns to failure if you let strength turn to arrogance. Believe in your vision and persevere; everything around you will flourish. Call upon Creative Power and let it work through you. Stay focused on your goals. Do not let yourself be distracted, or you may lose the power available to you now. And remember that when taking action, successful results require good timing.

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🌛♒💞♈☀ Substantial progress and increasing prosperity is pointed to. In whatever forms it takes, periods of increase are exhilarating, as long as you go with the flow while it lasts and keep the interests of others in mind. Like white water on a river, periods of increase are often of short duration; it furthers one, therefore, to shoot the rapids now, while the opportunity is there. A good sense of direction in times of opportunity involves commitment to the needs of one’s cohorts and dependents. Only by realizing that to lead is really to serve, can an effective leader contribute to a lasting increase in prosperity for all. In times of general increase, those who contribute most directly to the common good will also receive the greatest rewards. When opportunities for increase arise, supreme good fortune comes to those who act swiftly and boldly, while avoiding the trap of letting their actions be only self-serving. If you aspire to a position of prominence, the most enduring strategy is to work to raise the tide of your entire pond, rather than to try to swim upstream on your own. When the times favor prosperity, and when leadership is in the hands of the broad-minded, supreme good fortune results. ☀ 💕 🌻 🌟 🌹 #Awareness #Authenticity #Astrology #originality #creativity #Integrity #Balance #Harmony ☀ #AstroMouda 🌛 #Nothing_But_The_Best 💕

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💫 @realization_academy 🌠 You say, ‘I accept I am one with Principle’. But beware. It is the one I, Principle’s idea of I, that is one with Principle, for the I is Principle and not idea. No person can make this statement. In Principle’s idea of I there is no mortal I to drop and indeed, person cannot get rid of person anyhow. It is all a myth. The senses will always deny the truth, and this is why it is the corporeal senses that are to be seen as illusion and not just their phenomena. Mind dwells in the realm of Mind. This is where I AM. I, Love, never lose sight of the loveliness of My being. I, Soul, feel the satisfaction of My own being. I, Life, nourish and perpetuate My own being. Nothing true ever mingles with the belief of personal sense trying or not trying to be spiritual. Error never challenges Truth. The allness of Truth knows no challenge and no threat and no alternative. It is God’s thoughts about God that constitute our experience, and you can usefully take time just pondering the thoughts that each synonym is having about itself and realising that these thoughts constitute all the experience there is. #conversationsofconsequence #graceknows #onemeansnottwo #realizationacademy #onevoice #travelpartners 🌻 ✨ 🌛 🌠 #Nothing_But_The_Best ☀ 🍀

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