Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Is your Astrological Sun sign compatible with your partner?  Look at this Astrology sign compatibility chart: Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility Friendship Compatibility Sign Aquarius Libra, Gemini Aries, Sagittarius Aquarius » Pisces Cancer, Scorpio Taurus, Capricorn Pisces » Aries Leo, Sagittarius Aquarius, Gemini Aries » Taurus Virgo, Capricorn Pisces, Cancer Taurus » Gemini Libra, Aquarius Aries, … More Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Mercury in Sagittarius

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Let’s welcome Mercury in Sagittarius! Freedom of thought, vision, leadership, optimism – this is what Mercury in Sagittarius stands for. Not so keen on details, Mercury in Sagittarius prefers to focus on the big picture. He likes to have the freedom to think for himself, and to focus on the topics…

Astrology Of November 2016 – Surrender To The Unknown

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November is marked by Neptune’s conjunction to the South Node of the Moon, just before Neptune turns direct at 9° Pisces. All of our actions, individual and collective, reverberate through the interconnected creation. South Node conjunct Neptune is the “Magician” aspect. The South Node symbolizes what we master, what we…

☀ The ♒Mahmoud♌Sulayman♈ Daily✍

☀ The♒Mahmoud♌Sulayman♈ Daily ✍ ☪ Nothing But The Best╰☆╮We Are/Do/Get ☯      HEADLINES ART & ENTERTAINMENT SCIENCE LEISURE POLITICS MORE  Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016 Next update in about 22 hours  Archives ♒Mahmoud♌Sulayman♈ ॐ http://facebook.com/beloved1s ★ I’m a continual work in progress & Nothing But The Best is good enough for me ツ ★☀★ http://alsharqawy.webs.com ★☀★ Damietta, Egypt … More ☀ The ♒Mahmoud♌Sulayman♈ Daily✍

Wishing upon an Aquarius-Leo Full_Moon_Eclipse~If that’s what it takes!

  Wishing upon an #Aquarius-#Leo #Full_Moon_Eclipse ☾☆ 🌻 🌟 💞 🍀 ✨ For me, you, and every true honest human-being ✨ 🌟 💞 🍀 🌻 ★🌙 To have, live and cherish this endless fire of ╰∞💝🌹L☀ve🌹💖∞╮ ╰∞Eternally∞╮ 💚💜💙💛💑💚💜💙💛 ∞☯❤˙•●💐˙•●๑♔❤♔๑●•˙💐●•˙❤☯∞ 🏻

Observing The “I” of You ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness — The New Divine Humanity

When events shift, and things do not go the way you want them to go, it is a deep slippery slope, so to speak, to focus on how things are NOT the way you want them to be. That focusing on what you WANT and do not YET have, is the ego (or lower self […] … More Observing The “I” of You ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness — The New Divine Humanity